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Manual assembly devices for tube connections Parker Karrymat

The Parker Karryamt is a reliable machine for quick, safe and convenient assembly of Ermeto Original fittings. With the EO-Karrymat machine, it is possible to pre-assemble large steel and stainless steel pipes where EOMAT technology is not available. The EO-Karrymat has a hydraulic drive and a hand pump. The pressure of the hydraulic assembly is read with a manometer. The EO-Karrymat comes complete with all components in a carrying case.

Ръчна машина за монтаж на врязващи пръстени Parker Karrymat


  • Pipe OD: 6 to 42 mm
  • Min. bending radius: 66 mm
  • Series: L and S
  • Tube and tip material: Steel and stainless steel
  • Total cycle time: about 30–60 sec. T
  • Weight: approx. 28 kg
  • Economical production: max. 20 assemblies per day
  • Oil: HLP23–1.22 (filled before delivery)

1. Ideal – Weighing 28 kg, the EO-Karrymat is a portable machine and does not need a power supply. This is why the EO-Karrymat is the ideal tool for on-site slip ring installation, repair and plant maintenance.

4. Reliable – Using the EO-Karrymat is far less demanding than manual assembly with wrenches. Using and prevents damage caused by poor installation, which is extremely important for large-sized steel pipes.

2. Economical – EO-Karrymat is the link between manual assembly and EOMAT technology. Assembly with the EO-Karrymat is much easier than manual assembly, and achieves the same result as assembly with an EOMAT machine.

5. Controlled assembly – After pre-assembly the pipe joint can be easily checked before final assembly. Therefore, this mandatory step in the installation of snap rings is less likely to be forgotten.

3. “Must” for stainless steel – As EO-Karrymat is used for the direct assembly of stainless steel snap rings, a special pre-assembly process is required according to ISO 8483 / DIN 3859 and all manufacturer’s instructions. EO-Karrymat fulfills this requirement.

6. Special – EO-Karrymat is specially developed for snap ring installation in place of EO progressive rings and EO-2 fittings