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Hexagonal stainless steel profile 316L

At Hidromark you will find hexagonal stainless steel profile 316L.

316 is a grade of stainless steel that is produced by adding molybdenum and more nickel to grade 304. With such a chemical composition, grade 316 can easily withstand harsh environments such as salt water and acidic liquids. Grade 316 materials have much better tensile strength than grade 304.

316L is the low carbon variant of grade 316. Grade 316L materials are preferred for welding.

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Rating of grade properties

Corrosion resistance
Mechanical features


Marine, shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical industries, corrosive liquid tanks, storage boilers, food processing, mining, furnaces and modifiers

EN/AISI CSiMnPSCrNNiMoTiCuYield strength (Mpa)Tensile Strength (Mpa)
316LMin16.50 –10.002.00 – –170 (min)485
1.4404Max0. – –