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Single acting hydraulic cylinder ENERPAC RC104 10Т

еднодействащ хидроцилиндър RC104


Maximum Operating Pressure (bar)700
Capacity Class (T)10
Maximum Cylinder Capacity Advance (kN)101
Stroke (mm)105
Collapsed Height (mm)171
Extended Height (mm)276
Oil Capacity Advance (cm3)152
Surface TreatmentPaint
Weight (kg)3.3


Cylinder from the RC-TRIO series

  • Featuring a trio bearing system for increased durability and a hybrid spring return system for faster retraction and greater performance.
  • Includes up to 4 high-performance wear strips that offer increased damage resistance, reduce bearing stress and increase cylinder life.
  • Hardened composite material wear bands increase bearing surface area for greater sideload resistance
  • New high-performance Polyethylene seals last longer than ever, improving lifespan and keep you working for longer.

New TRIO Stop Ring

  • The Trio Stop Ring includes an additional wear band or high-strength bronze to accommodate greater lateral load.
  • Capable of taking the full tensile force of the cylinder.
  • Features a durable wiper to helps prevent dirt from entering the cylinder during retraction cycles.

New TRIO Spring System

  • High strength steel wire improves spring life
  • The spring retention design improves serviceability while allowing higher preload during installation.
  • The spring is easily removed without special tools.

Durable Piston Rod

  • High strength steel piston for improved life and side load resistance.
  • Nickel-plated plunger coating improves corrosion protection.
  • Internal plunger threads for easy tool fixturing.