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Water blasting hose 4 braids 750 bar

Тефлонов гладък маркуч

Inner layer: Waterproof synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement: Quadruple braid high-strength steel thread.

Outer layer: Synthetic rubber – resistant to high temperature, abrasion and external influences.

Operating temperature: from -10 °C to 70 °C.

Max. working temperature: 93 °C

Working pressure: 750 bar.

Safety factor: 2.5:1

Application: The four-braid water blasting hose is used to remove formations using very high working pressure. The hose is compact, light and extremely flexible.

  • It is applicable in construction and industrial sectors (road construction, removal of concrete from reinforced concrete structures, protecting metal components
  • For cleaning corrosion from the surface of ships,
  • Removal of dust particles
  • Suitable for working with water, soaps, emulsions


Nominal diameterInner diameterOuter diameterMax. Working pressureBurst pressureMin. Radius of bendingWeight