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With more than 75 years of experience in the hydraulic sector, Larzep designs and manufactures high-pressure hydraulic equipment for moving heavy loads. Cylinders with load capacity up to 2000 T, synchronous lifting systems for precise load control. In the Hidromark assortment, you will find Larzep brand products. With us you can get information about the technical characteristics of each of the products.

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In the Larzep product range, you will find the following product categories:


Larzep cylinders are made of the highest quality materials. Products are able to perform any industrial applications such as: lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, holding etc.


  • Manufactured to ANSI-B30.1 / EN1494 standard.
  • All load units are tested at 125% of rated capacity.
  • Mechanical end of stroke prevents excessive movement at full pressure.
  • Larzep cylinder bodies are made of high-strength alloy steel.
  • Hard chrome pistons.
  • Wiper sealing reduces contamination and allows for longer cylinder life.
  • Hardened pads as standard, with tilt option.
  • Heavy duty cylinders include carrying handles or lugs.
  • AZ3140 female connector with plastic dust cap – included with all cylinders.
  • Larzep designs and manufactures special cylinders and fixing systems.


Larzep hydraulic pumps include the following types:
Hand Pumps, Air Hydraulic Pumps, Modular Pumps, Manual, Electric, Air and Gasoline Hydraulic Units, Split Flow Modules, Hydro Test Pumps, Battery Powered Pumps, Torque Wrench Pumps.


  • 700 bar pumps as standard.
  • 700 and 1000 bar air hydraulic pumps.
  • From 20 to 2,900 bar hydrotest pumps.
  • Air, electric and manual hydrotest pumps.
  • A wide range of tanks, from 240 cc in hand pumps
  • Up to 150 liters in standard units.
  • Ability to produce capacities up to 1000 liters.
  • Power units according to ATEX standards on request.

The Larzep product range includes a wide range of accessories to complete the hydraulic system and ensure safety and efficient operation:


  • Hoses
  • Compounds
  • Flow Control Valves,
  • Pads
  • Fittings
  • Collectors
  • Manometers
  • Directional control valves

Hydromark offers a wide range of Larzep tools to facilitate the work process:

  • Chain cutters
  • Cable cutters
  • Nut spacers
  • Pullers
  • Cries
  • Spreaders
  • Dynamometers
  • Cargo cells
  • Torque wrenches
  • Punching heads
  • Crimping tools

Larzep offers a wide range of jacks and automotive products including:


  • Jacks
  • High lift transmission jacks
  • Trolley jacks
  • Portable cranes
  • Hydraulic tables
  • Air jacks
  • High tonnage air jacks
  • Pipe benders
  • Presses and support units