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Машина за запресоване KarryKrimp 1

Portable modular crimping machine for braided hoses

  • Pressing:

– hoses with 1 and 2 steel or textile braids – size from -4 to -20

  • It comes in a modular design with all the benefits of the Parkrimp system
  • The machine is portable and can be mounted on a stand
  • Portable machine with the possibility of working outside
  • Used with hand pump or air hydraulic and electric pump
  • Portable, compact rugged design
  • Rotating pusher design for easy die change
  • The greater height allows longer bent fittings to be crimped

Basic applications:

– Small workshops, workshops, mobile workshops

DimensionsH 760 x W 335 x D 330 mm
Weight28 kg
Standard equipment included
 Crimping head
 Mounting stand
 Assembly hose
 Jaws (silver, black)
A series of fittings16, 26, 43, 46, 48



Not suitable for multi-coil hoses, 2-piece fittings, stainless steel fittings and series production hoses in sizes -12 and larger.