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Production of hydraulic hoses for high pressure

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High pressure hydraulic hoses are an integral part of the hydraulic line, which is used to transfer hydraulic oil, fuel, gas and emulsions under high pressure. We install a hydraulic hose where it is impossible to place a rigid pipe. The hose is made of several layers: a protective outer layer and a special inner rubber layer, which is necessarily reinforced with steel or textile reinforcement. In most cases, the outer and inner layers are a mixture of synthetic rubber and/or similar to NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber). This special rubber compound guarantees a high level of durability and resistance. It can have several layers of reinforcement, which allows the hydraulic hose to withstand a very high level of pressure.

Hidromark specializes in the production and repair of hydraulic hoses for high pressure. We have a department of trained specialists, we work with machines of the highest class. The materials we use in the production of the hoses meet the best standards in their field.

The Hidromark production base has modern equipment that ensures the quality of the manufactured hoses. We keep in stock high-end hoses and spare parts to complete them. We also manufacture non-standard sizes of tips.

The hoses we produce are entirely custom-made. We manufacture hoses for agriculture, food industry, transport, aviation, shipbuilding, mining industry. We recycle hoses for car power steering and air conditioning systems.

We perform crimping of:

We work with all types of standard fittings – BSP, JIS, JIC, ORFS, BANJO, CEL, DKOL, etc. We manufacture details for hydraulics from ferrous and non-ferrous metals according to the sample, according to the customer’s needs.

We have the ability to crimp hoses with diameters from 6 to 131 mm

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