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In the Hydromark product range you will also find Mirage portable metalworking machines. Innovatively focused Mirage machines provide products that help get the job done faster, safer and smarter. Browse Mirage’s complete product line including machines for face machining, hole forming, surface milling and more.

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Преносими машини Mirage

The success of Mirage face axial flange machines is due to their precision construction, the results they provide and the ease with which they are set up for work.

A choice of external or internal machine mounting is available to install on even the smallest flange sizes up to 120” (3050mm).



Drilling and hole forming machines deliver high torque and ease of operation through their heavy-duty spindles and standard ISO spindles.

The HT range of drills can drill holes up to 5” in diameter in extremely tough materials, while the T30 and T725 cutting machines provide an efficient solution for trimming flange studs. For large-scale decommissioning projects, twin pin drills provide an effective solution for creating lift holes in offshore casings

Optional magnetic switch mounts and chain clamps are also available for quick and easy setup.

External radial pipe cutting and shaping machines (also known as split frame knives or pipe cutters) provide exceptional results when cutting and beveling large diameter pipes. Industries that use them include construction, decommissioning, maintenance, manufacturing and repair.

The wide range of Mirage external radial pipe cutting and forming machines is divided into three types;

  • NB machines (narrow body) – ideal when space is limited;
  • MS machines (medium size) – weighing less than equivalent HD machines, but providing greater resistance than NB machines;
  • HD (Heavy Duty) machines – for large diameter wall cutting and beveling applications;

These precise and robust linear surface milling machines are available in 2- and 3-axis configurations. Each features the latest in portable machine technology. The line of two axis machines consists of the MR range – built for rigidity, precision and general purpose milling in place applications and the LMR range which use a lighter construction making them suitable for slot machining in heat exchangers.

Three axis machines include the MRY range of milling machines using the proven technology of the MR range but with an additional rail to achieve the third axis. For processing larger areas, portable kits are available, which are a modular system of components designed for use with the two-axis router rails.

Enerpac’s range of single or axial cutters are the most versatile field machining tools. The mini-mill adds a smaller dimension to portable milling, and the geniSYS V provides precision computer-controlled milling and tapping in an extremely portable package.

Orbital tube and flange machining (OM) machines provide fast material removal and high accuracy for large flange diameters.

Machines in the Orbital Wind Power Processing (WP) range deliver repeatable results and smoothness of +/- 0.15mm.

They are used by companies manufacturing wind turbine rotor blades and towers. Innovations include a hydraulic clamping system and specially designed wheels used to maneuver the machines into place.

Linear hole machining machines provide quality tolerances on projects such as turbine housings and couplings, ship piping, and construction vehicle repairs.

The modular design of these products allows different bar diameters, lengths, inserts, drill arms and reverse heads to be selected – resulting in many different configurations for specific applications.