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The EO2-FORM-F3 molding machine is designated as a work center. It is based on the EO2-FORM technology and is specially designed for service applications. It is suitable for EO pipe fittings according to DIN EN ISO 8434-1, EO-3 fittings and hoses according to DIN 71550.

Машина формоване Parker EO2-FORM F3

Markets for EO2 FORM F3 WorkCenter:

  • Hydraulic presses
  • Cranes and lifts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore
  • Steel hydraulic construction


  • Suitable for general hydraulic applications.

The possibility to open the doors turns the EO2-FORM F3 machine into a fully equipped work center. The tool storage area is located at the front – the tools are well organized and easy to see. No other worktops or tool racks are needed. Special user-friendly tools make machine adjustments and tool changes easy. Thanks to automatic tool recognition, the operator only needs to press the start button, then the pipe is formed into the correct shape with one push. This means that the EO2-FORM and EO-3 connections are very easy to manufacture. The F3 WorkCenter is so reliable because of its powerful hydraulic drive and robust forming tools.

Forming machine Parker EO2-FORM F3
Features / advantages of the EO2-FORM F3 work center:
• All tools, work aids and operator’s manual are clearly visible at the front of the machine. This means that working with this machine is significantly simpler, faster and safer than with standard machines.
• One START button is enough for continuous shaping of pipe ends. No “zero settings” or “reset” functions are required between each pipe forming operation
• A foot switch can be used for serial production. This makes the assembly process significantly simpler and significantly faster.
• A special replacement tool is available to allow quick and safe replacement of clamping jaw assemblies.
• Clamping jaw sets are suitable for steel and stainless steel pipes. This expands the range of potential applications.
• Compared to welding and brazing, the EO2-FORM technology saves considerable time and no pipe preparation is required. Energy consumption is much less compared to conventional welding.
• The compact clamping tool also enables the forming of pipes with a small bend radius. This again widens the field of potential applications.
• Galvanized pipes can be processed without difficulty. This allows the user to save both cost and time required by subsequent surface protection.