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PARKER Industrial pipes and fittings

  • Easy to work.
  • Standard and stainless steel with a fixed length of 6 m, offers from 4 to 7 m are also possible.
  • We can now offer you a chrome 6 free surface finish in accordance with Parker’s DIN fitting system.
  • 4 mm stainless steel pipes according to DIN 17458, type M
  • All EO tubes come with caps. This ensures complete cleanliness on the inside of the tubes and protects them from damage.

At Hydromark you will find a wide range of Parker fittings:

Standart DIN metric

Ermeto Standart DIN hydraulic fittings are metric fittings for high pressure hydraulic pipes. They are necessary elements to build a complete series of fittings (EO-PSR, EO-2, EO2-FORM). The FM EO-2 function nut is available with NBR sealing or FKM sealing.


Paker 90° (O-Lok) fittings have been proven to be extremely effective in eliminating leaks at the higher pressures in a given hydraulic system. It is an O-Ring Seal (O.R.F.S.) fitting that consists of a nut, body, O-ring and sleeve. Parker O-Lok® fittings come standard with a Trap Seal. O-Lok® fittings are suitable for a wide range of pipe wall thicknesses and are also easily adaptable to inch or metric pipe and hose.


Parker Triple-Lok 37° fittings, JIC pipe fittings and adapters are a reliable connection solution for most high pressure hydraulic applications.


Parker’s Ferulok 24° Flareless fittings create a strong connection allowing control and compression that firmly holds the nut and pipes, reducing the effects of vibration.

Welding fittings

Parker offers a wide range of welding fittings in various configurations such as straight welding nipples, elbows, reducers or adjustable welding nipple fittings with O-ring seal. Product range: L / S series from 6 to 42 mm external pipe diameter. Material: steel and stainless steel 1.4571. Nominal pressure PN: max. 630 bars

SAE flanges

SAE hydraulic flange connections (SAE for bolt, SAE for gear pumps) are used in the most demanding applications as they are suitable for high pressure, shock and vibration. Flanges allow easy connection between hose and pipe where flexibility is needed without adding adapters. This product range is suitable for easy connection between rigid lines (pipe to pipe or pipe to hose), maintains high loosening resistance under high hydraulic load.

Cetop square flanges

CETOP flanges are butt weld ends that are square and designed to ISO 6164 standards worldwide. CETOP flanges are used for a static working pressure of 250 bar and 400 bar, which corresponds to a dynamic working pressure of 160 bar and 315 bar. The CETOP Flange System consists of a sleeve that is welded to the pipe and secured between two square flanges by a set of four hex bolts, nuts and spring washers. One of the bushings has an O-ring.


No matter what connection you need for your hydraulic, pneumatic or industrial application, Parker has high-quality adapters to help you create leak-free connections in your system.

– BSP – Series of mechanical connection adapters with 60 ° taper bed – prevents gas leaks), clamping resistance and ease of assembly with the possibility of reassembly and disassembly. Suitable for high pressure.

– NPTF adapters (Dryseal) have a conical thread. They are used as adjustable screw connections in the angle and T-adapter variant. The NPTF adapter provides a tight metal-to-metal contact because the male and female threads are in contact at the base of the thread.



At Hydromark, you’ll find a wide range of Parker ball valves that control flow direction and support a diverse range of system requirements. Our ball valves are both reliable and economical in terms of maintenance and are available in a variety of configurations and options. Within our range of ball valves we have a range of different functional options and you can also choose from a selection of products to suit your requirements.


Parker provides a range of diagnostic solutions and accessories for measuring and processing hydraulic and pneumatic data and troubleshooting operational problems. These include analog and digital flow and pressure meters, viscometers and other measuring instruments, as well as related devices such as sensors, quick couplers and test point connectors.