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Parflange® 50 machine for rolling and forming pipes standard O-Lok® and Triple-Lok®

The Parflange® 50 WorkCenter is the top-of-the-line machine for orbital rolling and forming O-Lok® and Triple-Lok® pipe. The Parflange® 50 combines the concept of the practical EO2-FORM F3 WorkCenter with the proven Parflange® technology. A characteristic feature of Parflange® is that the deformation of the end of the pipe is achieved by rolling, not just by pressing the tool on the end of the pipe.

Машина Parflange® 50 за развалцоване и формоване на тръби стандарт O-Lok® и Triple-Lok®

Thanks to its robust design and precise process control, the Parflange® 50 WorkCenter achieves consistently high quality results and high productivity. The body of the machine, the programming of the cycles and all the working elements are ergonomic, designed for an optimal work process and the highest security. The compact body of the Parflange 50 allows the forming of pipes with a small radius. The automatic lubrication system, as well as the visibility and accessibility of the tool area, help to make the machine last longer. Integrated tool compartments and designated space for nut and bushing containers make working with the Parflange® 50 convenient and efficient.

Parflange® 50 is recommended for the industrial production of Triple-Lok® and O-Lok® pipe fittings of all sizes.

Maximum pipe capacity is 50 mm / 2˝ pipe O.D.

The powerful drive and fast, automatic process enable short cycle times for efficient production. Its advantage is quick and easy tool change and simple operation without manual settings or programming. Pipe clamping and tool lubrication are done automatically.

Parflange® tools must be purchased separately. Each pipe size requires special Parflange® clamping dies and pins. The machine can be moved on wheels, by forklift and crane. For basic use only electrical power is required.




  • Purpose: O-Lok® 90° flanges and Triple-Lok® 37° pipe rolling
  • Design: WorkCenter for industrial production
  • Pipe material: Steel and stainless steel pipe
  • Pipe Diameter: – Metric: 6 to 50mm – Inch: 1/4˝ to 2˝
  • Min. U-bend: 120 mm
  • Maximum capacity: – Steel pipe (ST 37, ST 52,…) Metric: 38 × 5/50 × 3 mm (pipe O.D. × wall thickness) Inch: 2˝ × 0.120 – Stainless steel pipe (1.4571, 316…) Metric: 38 × 4 mm Inch: 1 1 / 2˝ × 0.156
  • Pipe specification: Quenched or welded
  • Operation: Automatic clamping, automatic rolling/forming
  • Continuous operation: 100%


  • Speed: 5–8 sec. rolling time / 15–20 sec. total cycle time
  • Economical production: max. 500 cycles per day
  • Tools: Expansion pin B30… or B40…
  • Clamping dies: M40…
  • Tool compartments: 10 sets of dies, 10 pins
  • Tool clamping: Automatic
  • Tool lubrication: Automatic
  • Lubricant: EO-NIROMONT (filled on delivery)
  • Hydraulic oil: HLP 46 (filled on delivery)
  • Installation: Electricity
  • Dimensions: (L × W × H): 840 × 700 × 1035 mm
  • Waste platform: 2 platforms, 300 × 500 mm, max. 5 kg each
  • Weight: 380 kg
  • Electrical power: 400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 4.5 kW
  • Transport possibilities: On wheels, lifting with a forklift