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High-performance lubricants EO NIROMONT are designed for the installation of pipe connections. They facilitate tightening while using low torque, ensure that maximum tool life is achieved and smooth sealing surfaces are obtained. Special additives prevent cold welding when working with stainless steel

Смазка Parker EO-Niromont

Parker High Performance Lubricants – EO-NIROMONT – are available in a variety of containers and viscosities, so you can purchase a product in the right container to meet your needs.

Features and advantages of NIROMONT lubricant:

  • High efficiency – EO-Niromont dramatically reduces assembly effort. This helps prevent damage during installation
  • Cost savings – Tools in assembly machines will last much longer resulting in high quality pipe forming with an excellent sealing surface
  • No cold welding – Cold welding of stainless steel threads is impossible when EO-Niromont is applied correctly
  • Liquid – penetrates even small cracks
  • Set – Stays in place for a while. Ideal for application on pre-assembly tools
  • Compatible – EO-Niromont and Lubss do not affect mounting surfaces or sealing materials